Beyond the Canvas: AI's Surreal Provocations
Francien Krieg - Precious bodies
Toshihiko Okuya
Juraj Florek
Mirza Cizmic 
Stolen Memories - PART II
José Manuel Castro López - Esculturas
Allan Gorman - Dramatic Realism
Fei Gao
Philippe Bluzot - Appearances
Veronika Lobareva
Hanjo Schmidt
(kind of) Retrospective of Ferdinand Boutard
Unknown Socialist Realism: The Leningrad School of Painting 1920-1990s - Introduction
Vladimir Daibov - Once Upon a Time in Russia
Helga Stentzel - Household Surrealism
Sheryl Luxenburg
Canadian Hyperreal Painter
Anne-Françoise Ben-Or
Johnson Tsang - Ceramic Art
Cesar Biojo
Lorena Kloosterboer
Viktor Lyapkalo
Warwick Fuller
Arianne Clément - The Art of Aging - A photo story on the themes of beauty and sensuality after 70
Susan Abbott
Bahram Hajou
Alejandra Caballero
Suzanne Heintz - LIFE ONCE REMOVED
Vincent Giarrano
Sasha Hartslief
Tào Linh
Exhibition of Graham Dean
Exhibition of Kim Jinnam
Erin Hanson
Antonio Finelli - Drawings
Museum of Art



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